Our goal is to provide an environment for health and well being for individuals who visits our studio. We would like you to leave the stress of the day behind, as you relax into healing process in a welcoming comfortable surroundings.

Different types of manual therapy techniques are beneficial:
To increase levels of oxygen in blood,
Decrease muscle toxins,
Improve circulation and flexibility,
Improve posture awareness,
To decrease blood pressure,
Decrease over all tension,
Pain relief,

Fascia is the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within human body including organs and muscles. Fascia can become restricted due to overuse, trauma, compromised posture, infectious agents, muscle tension, as well as decreased blood flow.
In order to provide each individual with maximum benefit we offer different types of innovative, holistic modalities which can be customized:
-Integrative manual therapy.
-Cranial sacral therapy.
-Strain counter strain and muscle energy.
-Neural tissue tension.
-Sports taping.
-Myofascial release
-Swedish massage and trigger point
-Hot stones.
-Foot scrubs.


  For members For non members
Swedish massage 70.00 85.00
With hot stones 75.00 90.00
Any combination of the other modalities  80.00  95.00
Sports tapping per application 7.00 9.00
Package deal:
4 sessions to be received within 4 months
240.00 280.00

Call for more information on the modalities and make your appointment at (832) 380-4063

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