Yoga, Belly Dance, Pilates
and Zumba Instructor

SAMADHI YOGA AND DANCE was started by Turkan Aydogmus who spent her lifetime on a journey of self-discovery, seeking the true meaning of life. This triggered her to learn more about her own mind, body, and spirit ultimately finding peace, serenity, bliss and enlightenment in the practice of yoga and dance. She found that through yoga and dance, the connection between mind, body and spirit is ignited and one is able to experience an almost supremely divine, all-pervading, self-amorous ecstasy. Inspired by an intense desire to share this experience with all those around her, Turkan opened her yoga and dance studio in the Heights, appropriately named SAMADHI, and invites everyone who wishes to experience a transformational spiritual experience to come join her at the studio.

Turkan's dream for SAMADHI Studios is to provide an environment where people can feel free, blissful and safe, in an environment where they can tap into nature both inside and outside of the body. This will be a place of discovery where things like similarities between our basic needs as human beings to other creatures such as a bird or a flower will be revealed. Through SAMADHI YOGA AND DANCE, Turkan embraces Rumi's words. "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."


Ginger Harris, a partner of Samadhi Studios, is a full time working mother and Mechanical Engineer. The demands of family and career, accompanied declining health in her 30’s, prompted her to seek out practices that support a healthy physical, mental and spiritual state. In the fast paced world we live in today, Ginger has found it of the utmost importance to take time to nourish and sustain the physical body with proper nutrition and a combination of various exercises, as well as to calm the mind through the practice of Meditation and Yoga. Through these practices, Ginger has deeply increased her connection with the Divine which shines in all living beings.
It is her desire to share these practices with all those who wish to bring more beauty, calmness, health, love and patience into their lives, as well as to bring these practices to Children who, more than ever, need a strong repertoire of tools to deal with the stresses that they will face as they grow up. Armed with a these tools, our children will be better equipped to solve the complex problems our global community faces and contribute to the betterment of our planet.

Ginger has received the Five Mindfulness Trainings (Dharma name Great River of the Heart) from well known and beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh . Ginger has also studied with Daniel Doen Silberberg, Sensei, of Lost Coin Zen as well as completed Introduction to Zen Meditation at the Houston Zen Center. Ginger is a current student of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, an integrative holistic practitioner who combines the best from modern functional medicine with the natural healing wisdom of fresh, raw foods and herbs.


Rozi Sabanoglu-Goldberg is a licensed physical therapist assistant and licensed massage therapist. She always seeks ways to improve people's health and well being as well as her own. Rozi has been working in various settings (i.e: hospital, out patient, home health care, and aquatic therapy) with various types of patients such as stroke patients, those with orthopedic problems, patients with chronic pain and disabilities for many years. She became a LMT to practice more preventative approaches in order to help and teach people how not to get injured. Some of her skills are, myofascial release, cranial therapy, muscle energy, strain and counter strain, and trigger point. Rozi believes in growth with knowledge. 


Hatha Yoga Instructor

Jessica Garcia was born and raised in Houston, TX. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2004 with a Finance degree and soon found that her passion lied in Yoga and dance instead. She has actively gone towards her goal of becoming a Yoga teacher and Zumba Instructor and now teaches at Samadhi Yoga & Dance Studio. She is a certified Yoga instructor, Kids Yoga Instructor, Pre-natal Yoga Instructor and Zumba Instructor who has a passion for life! She wants to share Yoga and Zumba with adults and kids alike! Please come and join Jessica in a Yoga and/or Zumba class. She targets the following: Stress, Depression, Obesity, ADD, ADHD, Anger issues, Runners, and much more!

These statements are not to say that Yoga will cure any of the above, however the research shows that Yoga can help many of the above named and much more. Sign up for classes and enjoy the benefits of YOGA!


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Pilates Instructor

Jenny spent her early childhood taking ballet, jazz, and tap. She was first introduced to oriental dance at the age of 8 when she took classes with her Persian best friend's mother. Since then she's been fascinated by dances outside of the norm. Jenny's discovery of Tribal Fusion belly dance in 2005 convinced her that this art form is ideal for those who want to freely express their multi-cultural individualities as it allows one to draw various dance movement vocabularies from around the world.

Jenny gets inspiration from her travels. In Buenos Aires she attended tango classes and during her semester abroad in Barcelona she took R&B at BCN Studios and Tribal Fusion with Amaru Sabat in Munique Neith's studio. Jenny salsa danced in Latin renowned local band Walter Suhr and Mango Punch!'s music video Que se lleve el viento mi dolor. Bellydance education includes workshops from Bozenka, Zoe Jakes, Jill Parker, Helena Vlajos, and Donna Mejia.

Jenny graduated from the University of Saint Thomas with a Bachelor degree in Communications and International Studies. Her senior thesis was on Orientalism and the Modern Morphology of Oriental Dance.


Body Dynamics Instructor

I began running track/cross country and lifting weights in high school (1993-1997). I trained cross country with the University of Colorado team for two years and discovered dance. Shortly after, I began training break dance, capoeira, gymnastics tumbling, Power yoga and Bikram yoga in Colorado. In 2003, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I moved home to care for her. In the process, I stopped training and gained 40 pounds over several years. In 2011, I pledged to re-enter my active lifestyle and began studying plyometrics interval training. I completed the beach body program 60 day "Insanity" twice and lost 30 pounds. Shortly after, I completed "The Asylum" (professional sports & performance training) and am currently completing P90x2, while undergoing Certfied Personal Trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). In 2012, I plan to launch a 60 minute intense class that combines all the intensity of max plyometric circuit training with the body control techniques of dance, capoeira, yoga and gymnastics.


Yoga Instructor

The universe led Chris to yoga during a time of recovery and self-discovery, a time when he needed yoga the most – and it has since become part of his being. After taking his first ever yoga class in Dec 2009, he was hooked – and he knew that yoga was now part of his life journey. Since that wonderful day, Chris has practiced hot hatha and a variety of other styles almost daily and has experienced firsthand the amazing healing and growth that a dedicated yoga asana and meditation practice can bring to every aspect of life. This realization that yoga, along with meditation and ayurveda, can improve life in every way ignited Chris' desire to take his practice to the next level and share these amazing benefits by becoming a teacher. Chris received his 200-hour certification at YogaOne Studios in Houston and began teaching in early 2011. His classes focus on helping his students hit the pause button on the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, become aware of the energy that flows through all things and use the breath to send this transformative energy into every cell.


Tango Instructor

Susana Collins was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina . She began her dance training at the age of 5 studying Classical Ballet, Flamenco and Argentine Folk. After moving to Houston, Susana trained and was featured in a variety of Latin and Central American dance troupes in Houston. By the age of 16, Susana and her family formed her first dance group , Argentina 2000, performing for celebrities such as Libertad Lamarque and Robert Duvall .

In 1998, Susana discovered her major passion, Argentine Tango , and began studying intently at workshops, eventually returning to Argentina to further her training in this passionate art form. Susana's stage performance and instruction is focused on Latin dance forms featuring Tango and Salsa. Her intensive study in multiple dance disciplines has given her depth in partner dancing and instruction, introducing many to the joy and excitement of social dancing.


Summer Camp / Acting & Drama Instructor

Jennifer Almaguer has been working as an actress for the past thirteen years. She has credits as both supporting and principal leads in television, film, and theatre. Jennifer works in both the local Houston market as well as in major production film houses like 20th Century Fox and the National Geographic Channel. She has completed a trailer for an upcoming feature film directed by Mr. James Hong (Kung Fu Panda, Balls of Fury, Wayne's World). Her recent Film credit includes "Portion 71" starring Bruno Bichir. Jennifer was long time host of Latin based television program "Salsa TV" where she received the opportunity to sit down with A list actors: most notably, Bruce Willis, Will Smith and Sandra Bullock amongst many more. She is credited in Stage-Managing and Production Design for the Wortham Theatre Center. Her recent production credit includes Associate Producer for MTV music videos.


Gloria Bello first found yoga in Venezuela in 2009. However, it wasn’t until she arrived to the U.S., in 2010, that she discovered Vinyasa yoga. Bringing her focus, strength, and openness of mind and body, Vinyasa yoga became Gloria’s best friend.
In 2012, she decided to share her passion for yoga and earned her Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification with The Yoga Institute. Gloria loves reading and learning about yoga every day, deepening her knowledge about the practice and its ways to heal injuries of the body and the heart.
Gloria teaches a powerful yet easygoing flow, combined with great music. She loves making jokes in class so her students loosen up and have fun playing with the asanas.
Get ready to change your life with Gloria!


She is currently a full time teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (the National Yoga Registry in the U.S.) as an experienced teacher-E-RYT.  Her passion for Yoga has led her beyond the classroom into volunteering as the membership coordinator for the Yoga Association of Houston and being involved in the yoga teachers hiring process at the Weekley YMCA.  Still at the same YMCA she subs the meditation classes on a volunteer basis. In addition, she holds a B.S. in Biology.


Sri is a Reservoir Engineer in Shell. She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Houston.  She loves reading, working out, dancing, travelling, painting, cooking and watching movies.  She is a black belt in Shotokan Karate. She loves dance of any style and would like to spread her own passion of dancing to other people.

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